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Commercial Tenants

The value of our services lies in your answers to these questions

Does your space enhance your firm's productivity?
Would renovations correct existing shortcomings?
Do you want to look for a different location but dread the time commitment?
Are you comfortable that you are on top of your space's lease administration? Options, Roll Overs, Escalations, Pass Throughs, Renewals?

If your answer to any of these questions is not positive, give us a call at 410 757-3553 or email Farr Commercial and let's see how we can help turn your answers positive.

Retail, High and Low Rise Office, Medical, Industrial, Multi-Family

Services for the Investment Property Owner

Property management
Building engineers
Lease administration
Property accounting
Construction management
New property due diligence
Acquisition and disposition brokerage
Retail, High and Low Rise Office, Medical, Industrial, Multi-Family

Investment Property Services

Property Management
Construction Management
Building Engineers/Site Staff
Maintenance Programs
Lease Administration
Property Accounting
Due Diligence for Acquisitions
Acquisition and Sale Brokerage
Retail, High and Low Rise Office, Medical, Industrial, Multi-Family

Management Firms

Let us help you bring your operations into the 21st century. Technology has vastly changed the way our industry does business.

Perform Scheduled and/or Non-Routine Property Inspections
Provide Lease Administration
Provide Additional Property Managers
On Site Operations
Personnel Systems
Lease Administration Procedures
Property Management Systems
Accounting, Reporting, and Budgeting Programs
Construction Management Systems
Tenant Request Policies and Procedures
Retail, High and Low Rise Office, Medical, Industrial, Multi-Family.

Maximizing the value of your real estate assets.

Save time, energy, and money while preventing costly learning curve mistakes. Utilize our thirty two years expertise handling commercial properties sized from 7,000 square feet to over 2.5 million.

Put our well earned reputation to work for you.

sophisticated, organized, up to date property management systems and tools
innovative leasing plans
creative tenant enhancement programs
well thought out building operating systems
accurate, timely accounting
knowledgeable lease administration
on time, on budget construction
reporting systems which highlight and review all significant property issues while providing complete, detailed backup your accountants require
knowledgeable staff dedicated to increasing your bottom line
Contact us today for a preliminary property assessment. If we cannot improve your current results, there will be no charge.

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